Angela Hartley, LM

Licensed Midwife

Inspired, Intuitive & Informed

“I care deeply about the well being of birth givers, and the families and communities they are a part of creating. I believe the experiences families have as they are birthing their babies are hugely formative for everyone involved and deserve to be held and supported with great care and love.”

Angela Hartley, LM

Angela Hartley Certified Midwife Santa Cruz
Angela Hartley Certified Midwife Santa Cruz

Experience & Credentials

Graduate of National Midwifery Institute
North American Registry of Midwives
Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts
Graduate of University of California at Davis

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 More about Angela Hartley

Angela Hartley became a Licensed Midwife in the state of California at the beginning of 2018. She has had the honor of attending births for the last decade, is a graduate of the National Midwifery Institute and is so blessed to work along side Sunshine Tomlin, with whom she apprenticed. Angela is dedicated to providing heart led care to the families she works with. She has full faith in the power of the human body and spirit and loves supporting physiologic, undisturbed birth. In addition to tending babies and parents, Angela is an avid nature lover, is passionate about the healing arts, loves to travel, adores her family and friends and is working to create a world where we honor all life on the planet.