Full Moon Birth and Family Wellness Center midwives provide holistic & comprehensive care for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Prenatal appointments are more of a comfortable chat with a beloved friend than a rushed clinical process. Midwives trust birth, using their heart, intuition and hands to safely and skillfully facilitate mothers in bridging the space between pregnancy and new motherhood. Rather than going out into the world for doctor’s visits after having freshly given birth, midwives attend women in their homes, providing newborn care, breastfeeding support, and ensuring the whole new family is healthy and well. Midwives also provide well-woman care and fertility counseling in a manner that is gentle, unhurried, comprehensive and holistic in its approach. Midwife means to be “with woman,” and they strive to empower women to claim responsibility for their own health and families through knowledge and community support.



Sunshine Tomlin – CPM

Eva Wax – CNM