Maya Abdominal Therapy – The Arvigo Techniques®

ATMAT is centered around the ancient Maya techniques of healing, which is a gentle, external therapy that repositions abdominal organs and increases/improves the flow of blood, lymph, nerve & chi energy. These techniques are proven to be effective in the treatment of digestive issues, pelvic and menstrual issues, fertility issues, pregnancy and labor, postpartum recovery, menopause, low back pain and more. This, combined with herbal, nutritional and lifestyle support effectively enhance well-being to help bring about the changes you wish to achieve. What can you expect at an ATMAT session? Gentle belly work from hips to ribs, back, hips and sacrum are also treated to relieve congestion, scar tissue and malpositioning.

Maya Abdominal Therapy – The Arvigo Techniques

Images Courtesy of
Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services


Bryn Truett-Chavez, CASCT, CMT