Doulas have attended women in birth since the beginning of time. Trained labor doulas are proven to shorten duration of labor, improve the birthing person’s satisfaction with their birth experience and positively impact their perception of their partner, result in fewer complications and reduce the risk of postpartum depression. Doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support, aiding your partner in supporting you and creating an environment that is conducive to a joyful flow of labor hormones. Our doulas work together providing backup so you are never without a freshly rested and unwavering support person on your birth journey. Doulas are dedicated to supporting you in making your own empowering decisions and birthing your baby in the way you dream of. We are honored to witness the transformation into motherhood, whether it is your first baby or tenth!

Meet Our Full Moon Doulas



Paige Driscoll is a birth photographer and doula as well as a wife and mother to five boys. She is a storyteller of real life moments specializing in birth and motherhood. She captures the most transformative time of your life in an artful way. The births of her children were the most beautiful and amazing experiences of her life which led her down the path to become a birth worker. She is a certified birth doula, has training through Childbirth International as well as DONA®, is a trained Hypnobabies® doula, and holds a B.A. is Child and Adolescent Development. Her full spectrum of personal birth experiences range from hospital birth to birthing at home and is supportive of all types of birth. Her goal is to help birthing parents feel confident, safe, and supported during birth all while documenting their journey. With her passion for birth and her extensive experience and expertise as both a photographer and birthworker she is able to support women in labor and capture the true rawness and beauty of birth as it unfolds.



Jennifer Jeffcoat is a Holistic Health Birth Educator/Consultant, Mindful Birth Postpartum Doula, Perinatal Birth Psychology Practitioner, Natural Movement Development Practitioner,  Student Midwife. Founder of Mindful Ways and The Awakened Birth Method, she teaches classes throughout the bay area and works privately with pregnant women and new parents. Her life journey has been her biggest teacher for healing as she has parented her two children and learned through working with others for over 18 years. She is excited to be on the path of a midwife and apprentices under Sunshine Tomlin. Jennifer believes that the experience of childbearing is not an isolated segment but a continuum. It is a relationship that flows naturally to conception with pregnancy, flowing into birth, postpartum and child raising. It is a continuous process that is woven into life, and by evoking the empowerment of the mind, body and spirit we live a Whole Life.



Caitlin Clarke grew up with a deep love and awe for pregnant women and birth, which continues to expand with each birth she attends. She is the daughter of a retired homebirth midwife and attended her first births at age 2 and 6 when her brothers were born at home. Her fascination with identifying and preventing the emotional, physical and spiritual causes of dystocia led her to become a perinatal chiropractor and birth doula. She has advanced training in Webster Technique, Birth Passage Dynamics™ and Spinning Babies™ technique. She is also a craniosacral therapist and certified Blissborn™ Birth Hypnosis instructor. When Caitlin isn’t attending births or working with pregnant mamas, she stays joyfully occupied as her homeschooled/unschooled/nature-schooled, son, Ryan’s, learning facilitator.


Ashley Shea is a birth doula and student midwife passionate about creating positive change in our community and facilitating accessibility to healthcare for all women. She has been attending births in Santa Cruz since her daughter was born in 2013, and is grateful for the inspiration, love and strength she has the honor of witnessing as a birthworker. She views birth as a peak spiritual and physical experience of life and is in awe of the transformation she witnesses when women become mothers. Also passionate about pelvic floor health, somatic healing modalities and herbalism, she is studying to achieve further certifications while currently offering herbal remedies for the childbearing year and placenta encapsulation. She is anticipating graduating with a bachelor’s of science in midwifery in December 2018. She lives in the mountains with her husband and daughter and is grateful to call Santa Cruz home.


Gretchen Retka is a birth doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, yoga instructor and musician newly living in Santa Cruz. With a love for travel, Gretchen has attended birth in a variety of settings including home births with traditional midwives, hospitals alongside nursing staff and birth centers internationally. Passionate to provide care which empowers each and every family leading to healthy birth outcomes Gretchen is very grateful to be a part of the diverse Santa Cruz community. Honoring birth as a rite of passage, drawing upon training in relaxation techniques & energy work along side intuitive loving care combined with prayer, each birth is an opportunity to step more fully into individual and collective empowerment alongside a birthing community.