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Sunshine Tomlin – Licensed Midwife

Sunshine Tomlin is a graduate of the National Midwifery Institute and a Licensed Midwife in the state of California since 2005. She has attended roughly 400 births in the capacity of doula, student and midwife in the 16 years she has been attending births. She is a member of the California Association of Midwives (CAM), Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), Citizens for Midwifery (CFM), Birth Network of Santa Cruz and BABI. She has been on the board of the California Association of Midwives as a regional representative for CAM region 7 which includes Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties. In addition to being a midwife, she is also a mother to three wonderful children. She lives in Felton with them and their father, to whom she has been married since 1995. Sunshine is a well-loved midwife in our community and is overjoyed to be birthing Full Moon! Sunshine is grateful to the midwives who have helped her along her path, the families she has served, and her own family which has supported her unconditionally.

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