Mireille Gale – Student Midwife

Mireille Gale was called to this path in 2003 when her first child was just nine months old when she was blessed to be able to support her good friends in the birth of their child. She realized after this profound experience that midwifery was her calling. She has been attending births in our community for the last 13 years as a certified Doula and is well on her way to becoming a practicing midwife. She is currently apprenticing as a student midwife with Sunshine Tomlin, bringing over a decade of experience holding space for women in labor in the doula role. Complementary to birth work, she loves teaching yoga for pregnancy and postpartum, knowing that it is a wonderful preparation for birth and motherhood. Mireille brings mindfulness and trust to birth and is the kind of person you can tell anything to, because of her love and compassion. She mothers her three children while changing the world one birth at a time, connecting deeply with her clients and assisting them in bringing their children into the world in a peaceful way.


Contact: mireille@fullmoonbirthing.com