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Caitlin Clarke – Prenatal Chiropractor and Birth Doula

Caitlin Clarke grew up with a deep love and awe for pregnant women and birth, which continues to expand with each birth she attends. She is the daughter of a retired homebirth midwife and attended her first births at age 2 and 6 when her brothers were born at home. Her fascination with identifying and preventing the emotional, physical and spiritual causes of dystocia led her to become a perinatal chiropractor and birth doula. She has advanced training in Webster Technique, Birth Passage Dynamics™ and Spinning Babies™ technique. She is also a craniosacral therapist and certified Blissborn™ Birth Hypnosis instructor. When Caitlin isn’t attending births or working with pregnant mamas, she stays joyfully occupied as her homeschooled/unschooled/nature-schooled, son, Ryan’s, learning facilitator.



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