Ashley Shea – Certified Holistic Doula and Student Midwife

Ashley Shea is a birth doula and student midwife passionate about creating positive change in our community and facilitating accessibility to healthcare for all women. She has been attending births in Santa Cruz since her daughter was born in 2013, and is grateful for the inspiration, love and strength she has the honor of witnessing as a birthworker. She views birth as a peak spiritual and physical experience of life and is in awe of the transformation she witnesses when women become mothers. Also passionate about pelvic floor health, somatic healing modalities and herbalism, she is studying to achieve further certifications while currently offering herbal remedies for the childbearing year and placenta encapsulation. She is anticipating graduating with a bachelor’s of science in midwifery in December 2018. She lives in the mountains with her husband and daughter and is grateful to call Santa Cruz home.



(831) 252-2562