Working With Babies

A Five-Part Therapy Method for Infants and Their Families
Date: February 25 Time: 3pm-7pm – Location: Full Moon Birth & Wellness Center-Price: $85.00

The intention of this workshop is to give you new ideas for working with very young babies, immediately after birth and in the postpartum period. The five-part Therapy method will assist with attachment/bonding, breastfeeding, and understanding the story of the infant. The basis is combining Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy Counseling, along with other concepts such as Somatic Experiencing. Everyone will need to order the book, “Working With Babies” and read before the workshop to allow for a more fluid class.

working with babies

There are several goals in working with babies:

—Recognition of who they really are

—Support in embodiment via the exhalation phase of the mid-tide

—Resolving binds that obstruct the baby’s relationship with mom

—Resolving specific symptoms arising from cranial base compression

—Having a foundation for recapitulating the birth in a more optimal sequence, if that arises in the process.

John-ChittyJohn Chitty is a polarity therapist, biodynamic craniosacral therapist and psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado, USA. With Anna Chitty, he operates Colorado School of Energy Studies ( offering trainings in these modalities and related subjects, since 1992. He is author of the new book, Dancing with Yin and Yang, as well as co-author of Energy Exercises (1988). The new book includes numerous sections with well-tested information relevant to providing gentle and effective support for babies and their families. Since 2008 he has taught a four-day seminar, “Working with Babies,” to explain and demonstrate his approach.