Natural Movement Development for Babies

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During the first year of your baby’s life, movement affects the cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of your child and of the adult your child will become. From the earliest stages of development in the womb, through the birth process, to rolling, crawling and walking, children move through a range of patterns that create their ability to sense, perceive and act in the world. Through observation, movement, touch and play we follow your baby’s growing curiosity and learn useful information about natural movement patterns that encourage optimal brain and body development.

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Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services

Location: Full Moon Birth and Family Wellness Center  – 701 Mission Street – Santa Cruz, CA 95060

jennifer-jeffcoat-full-moon-birth-santa-cruzJennifer Jeffcoat
Holistic Childbirth Educator/Consultant, Certified Pre & Perinatal Birth Educator, Natural Movement Development Educator, Mindful Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Student midwife.

Jennifer has been in the alternative health community for 20yrs. She truly trust and supports the bodies intelligence to heal, while holding nonjudgmental space for her clients. She has been trained in hypnotherapy, mind/body movement therapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping, and pre & perinatal birth psychology. She is completing her BS in Health Science with Major in Alternative Medicine and training in Castellino’s Prenatal & Birth Therapy program. She has attended over 200 births as a mindful doula, trained through the Heart & Hand midwifery program and looks forward to completing her Midwifery program.