Mothers Support Group

Sunday 11th 9:30-11:00 – by donation, $5-10 suggested, no one turned away

Few of us knew this job of parenting would be as hard as it is, emotionally, physically and  mentally. It is a HUGE job and as mothers we need support. We need each other, we need a way to take care of ourselves and all the feelings this incredible but challenging experience brings up in us. Join us for a support group and learn an incredible way to bring in more support to your life. ” Listening Partnerships”- come and experience what it is like to be fully and radically listened to, a time for YOU, to talk and express and be heard without interruption. Brooke March has been leading Listening groups for the last 5 years, this one tool changed her entire life as a mother. 
You deserve to step away and fill up your own cup. Taking care of YOU IS taking care of your family. Come and experience it for Yourself. You will leave feeling grounded, invigorated and held by a  community of mothers who are going through very similar things. You are not alone and don’t have to be. 
Brooke has been teaching Parenting By Connection for 4 years. Her entire life  changed when she learned these tools. As a co-creator of 2 she realized that mothers need more support and saw the benefit of having honest truthful conversations around motherhood , she is here to contribute to that. Brooke has always been one to question “how things go” and has been a passionate trail blazer in the world of respecting children. Her passion at this moment is “asking for what she REALLY wants” in every area of her life, and practicing crazy self care. She believes mothers need to take care of themselves and love themselves the way they love their children. Her vision is to bring together mothers around the world for more support and truth telling, which will lead to us being even better parents which ultimately impacts the entire world.  What mothers do every day MATTERS. And none of us should be figuring it out alone.